About Wolk Imaging

My love of photography began with my first camera in 1975 – a 35mm Mamaya DTL500, that I still own today. I’m Jeffrey Wolk, owner and president of Wolk Imaging and am an Innovative Photographer with years of experience in printing and pre-press. I began my career in Wolk Press, the family business, known for high quality sheet-fed printing for such key clients as Smithsonian Magazine and Sotheby’s.

I worked in print as a color specialist with Graphic Technologies of Maryland and implemented the companywide use of modern color management tools and image editing using Photoshop. Some of my clients have included National Geographic, Procter & Gamble and McCormick.

During my time at Graphic Technologies, I was regularly hired as a free-lance image specialist. Building on my free-lance success, I decided to start a business that could afford me greater opportunity to make a contribution through my creative skills and photographic expertise. 

I enjoy the challenge of finding new and better ways to create and reproduce photographic items for clients. This focus has helped me solve numerous problems for my past employer’s clients over the years; including problems that initially presented significant technical and cost challenges. In one case I was able to achieve a solution that saved the client money, produced a better-quality result and secured business from that customer for several more years.

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